We welcome  individuals, bird watching enthusiasts, environmental and conservation groups, educators, NGO’s, foundations, corporations and anyone inspired by our film to inquire about joining us as screening hosts and  Impact Campaign sponsors for the film.

Bird Studies Canada is our National Outreach and Impact Partner for Canada.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is the National Outreach Partner for the USA.

Connect with others who care in ways you can make a difference for birds, the planet and ourselves.

With your support we can: bird-raise-awarenessRAISE AWARENESS about the serious declines of songbirds.

bird-inspireINSPIRE individuals, businesses and government to care and take action.

bird-connectCONNECT audiences with calls to action and organizations on the frontlines of conservation.

bird-advanceTogether we will ADVANCE conservation activities for our songbirds and our planet.

You can support us in the following ways:

  • Sign up for our newsletter and help spread the word about screenings, events and campaign activities.
  • Become a host, sponsor or screening partner to bring the film to your community.  To book a screening contact us here. 
  • Support our Impact Campaign and help bring this film to the world.  #birdsmatter.

More on our screening partners here.

 Please contact us if you want to  get involved  or just find out more.  ——Phone + 1 416 • 801 • 1118

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Add your voice!  Together we can make a difference for our feathered friends.