The Messenger is now available on DVD and Blu-ray for home video sales in Canada,  the USA and in France.   Links to order on iTunes and other platforms below.

Home Video – Canada

Shipping & Handling fees apply. (Shipping via Canada Post, express $15.00 or regular mail $5.00)

Blu-ray with 5.1 Sound – English with Video extras
$32.00 CDN plus HST & shipping
Choose Regular or Express mail

DVD – English with Video Extras
$23.00 CDN plus HST & shipping
Choose Regular or Express mail

DVD – French subtitles
$23.00 CDN plus HST & shipping
Choose Regular or Express mail

To show the film in a school, on campus or in your local community you will need an educational or exhibition copy, possibly with public performance rights.  For educational pricing, please check out our Educators/Institutional page, or contact us  here and we will get in touch with details.

Your purchase directly through SongbirdSOS Productions helps supports the filmmakers and the independent documentary industry.

The film can also be purchased though  and our Canadian distributor UNOBSTRUCTED VIEW.

Digital – Canada.


  • Canada:
  • USA.

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Home Video – USA

To purchase a personal use copy (home video) in the USA.

DVD’s and Blu Rays.
Order directly from Kino Lorber.  Save on costs!

Digital – USA


Also available in the USA only on:

Amazon Instant Video

Google Play

The Messenger is also available to Netflix Subscribers. ( in the USA only) 

All home video sales are for personal use only.


Home Video – France

English with French Subtitles & DVD extras, plus a special feature from the LPO (League for the Protection of the Oiseaux)  Please order via