Educators – want to show The Messenger?

Educational Copies with  Institutional and/or Public Performance Rights

If you would like to order the film for your academic or an institutional library or classroom use in the UK please contact Sally Hodgson at Pipoca Pictures.


Ordering information for the USA, France & Canada below.


Canadian  & International Educational Blu ray and DVD  orders –  through  SongbirdSOS Productions Inc.  

 Explanation of PPR rights usage directly below: ……

Shipping & Handling fee additional. (Shipping via Canada Post, express $15.00 or regular mail $5.00)

Educational/Institutional Rights. English language DVD without PPR  $149.00 plus HST
Choose Regular or Express mail

English language DVD with PPR $349.00 plus HST
Choose Regular or Express mail

Educational/Institutional Rights, English language Blu ray without PPR $159.00 plus HST (5.1 sound & stereo option)
Choose Regular or Express mail

English language Blu ray with PPR $359.00 (5.1 sound & stereo option)
Choose Regular or Express mail

Educational/Institutionl Rights French subtitled DVD without PPR   $149.00 plus HST
Choose Regular or Express mail

French subtitled DVD with PPR  $349.00 plus HST
Choose Regular or Express mail

Educational/Institutional Rights French subtitled Blu Ray without PPR  $159.00  plus HST (5.1 sound & stereo option)
Choose Regular or Express mail

French subtitled Blu Ray with PPR  $359.00 plus HST (5.1 sound  & stereo option)
Choose Regular or Express mail

Please note that consumer HOME Videos are not allowed for exhibiting  to group audiences.  

This website is run by the filmmakers and we are an authorized seller with the rights to sell the film to educators in Canada.  We have other distributors with territory rights in Canada, France and the USA.  Please do not purchase the film from jmporters or unauthorized sellers.  

Explanation of  Rights Terminology:

PPR (Public Performance Rights)  are needed for showing if anyone from the public will attend,  this includes campus, school and community groups.

DSL (Digital Streaming License) This is the license you need if you intend to offer the film digitally via a library system. (available in the USA only)

To proceed with your order in Canada:   Please click on the above links.

If you have questions about buying an educational copy of the film for use in Canada, the UK or another country, please contact Joanne Jackson, SongbirdSOS Productions Inc.  +1 416-801-1118, Email:


 In France? Order DVD’s here:

Order DVD’s through   French co-producer Films à Cinq.

Order Educational DVD’s through International Distributor ZED.



In the USA?  You can order through the US Distributor Kino Lorber.  


 Purchase for Library Circulation or Face-to-Face Teaching in the USA

If you would like to purchase a  DVD for library circulation or face-to-face teaching in the classroom, KinoLorber Education is offering the DVD and/or Blu-ray with and without Public Performance Rights. They also have a digital server for libraries wanting DSL Licensoing.  See all pricing information at this link.

Educational Streaming to Your US Campus

Kino Lorber offer several ways to stream our titles, including:

USA only – On Demand subscription
Kino Lorber will  stream from their servers to your institution. This license includes unlimited single-campus viewing for personal, classroom, even public performance use (audiences must be non-paying and fewer than 100 in number) with no bandwidth charge. Kino Lorber EDU service provides a durable link and password, which can be embedded in your class management or library media management software. Your subscription can be expanded at any time to include longer terms or add new titles. Volume discounts apply as the number of titles in your subscription increases – visit our streaming site for more information.

USA only  – DSL licensing
This life-of-the-file license is for media streams hosted by your institution. The price includes a DVD, shipping, and – if you wish – an encoded video file. Our standard specs are available upon request, but we also provide other formats at no additional charge. A special package price includes public performance rights as well.

To proceed with your order in the USA:
Please contact Estelle Grosso
phone:  (212) 629-6880.
(Please note that the English language film is closed captioned for watching on television sets, and the English language Blu-ray and DVD discs have bonus ‘Spanish subtitles’)

Your billing and shipping information must be provided in order to generate an invoice and confirm your preferred format, i.e. DVD or Blu-ray.


Theatrical, Campus, Community or Corporate Screenings

If your organization would like to host a campus, theatrical, community or corporate screening of the film for corporate training or political campaigns, please place your order below.

Edu1-20151126_The Messenger Q&A_0017

To book an educational screening in Canada or another country: 
Please contact the producers via our Screenings page.
They will respond regarding screening fees and available support material.
SongbirdSOS Productions Inc. may also be reached at +1 416- 801-1118

To book a screening  in the USA:
Please request a screening here.
Or contact Estelle Gross with any questions at:

phone: (212) 629-6880