Rain Rain Rain

Filmmakers Blog, May 29, 2013

Our first major shoot for SongbirdSOS was in the Netherlands and Turkey. It rained almost every day, all the time, everywhere we went.  On this day in the Aras River valley, we were not soaking wet, but the rain water had run down the mountains, trickled into streams that poured into the valley. In order to reach the bird banding site in Aras where we were filming, we had to cross streams that had grown from mere trickles to rushing rivers.  We had to carry, piece by piece, all of our precious camera equipment across the stream. The rocks were slippery and the tug of the water was strong. It was quite treacherous, and we had to cross at least six times during our short stay.  Luckily, our crossings were successful with very wet feet but amazing footage to show for it.