Michael Mesure & FLAP


“In 1989, I was first told by a friend of mine about birds colliding with windows at night down in the financial district. When I went there I opened the car door and there was a bird. And there was another bird, and another bird. Before I knew it I was running all over the sidewalks picking up birds. That day really did change my life.”

Millions of birds die each year in collisions with buildings, wind turbines, towers and other structures. Michael Mesure and his Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) volunteers have been collecting dead birds and caring for the injured in Toronto for over 20 years. Mesure has cried, cajoled and even gone to court to fight for the rights of birds. He has rescued and resuscitated stunned birds. He wants the madness to stop.

Michael Mesure is the founder and director of FLAP.

Check out this clip about FLAP from the film.