Henk Tennekes


 “In virtually every habitat there was a decline in birds and all these birds were dependent on insects. I was certain that we were in the middle of an ecological disaster.”

Witnessing an ecological disaster unfolding before his very eyes, Dr. Henk Tennekes, a toxicologist and cancer researcher, is on a quest to discover the mystery behind the mass disappearance of bee populations. After years of meticulous research, Henk made a disturbing discovery: neonicotinoids, a new and highly effective pesticide, is responsible for the destruction of not just bees, but many other insect populations.

He tells the story of songbirds in his native Netherlands: insects are essential to their diet so when the insects disappear, so do the birds.  With the fate of hundreds of species on the line, can Henk’s warnings save the songbirds before it is too late?

Dr. Henk A. Tennekes is a Dutch toxicologist and cancer researcher. He is author of “The Systemic Insecticides: A Disaster in the Making”.