“Nature is for me the easiest and most cost-effective key to happiness.”

Dominik Eulberg is a “raving ornithologist” from the Westerwald and an international DJ in the spotlight who is intricately linked to the sounds of the natural world.

A bird enthusiast since childhood, Dominik uses organic rhythms and sounds to create sophisticated electronic music. Humans share an ageless bond with birds, their song, and their persistent presence in our lives, and Eulberg believes that our connection to bird song is ancient. “This could explain why we find so much meaning and emotion in music even though we cannot explain why it makes us feel the way it does”.

Moving from bird watching in the wild into his woodland high tech studio, Dominik brings the sound of birdsong to the dance floor of Europe’s hippest clubs.

Born in Westerwald, Dominik Eulberg is an electronic music artist and popular German DJ.

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