A Birds Eye View of Hans Slabbekoorn

Filmmakers Blog. May 21, 2013

In a quiet area of a wooded park, Hans Slabbekoorn and his students play previously recorded traffic sounds to birds. Their goal is to see if the birds “change their tune” to sing above the noise.

I couldn’t help but wonder what the birds would see when they would look down at these crazy humans with speakers and other audio recording devices.

So here we have it, filming our birds eye view…IMG_0223

Hans Slabbekoorn Near Lieden, The Netherlands

Filmmakers Blog. May 21. Hans Slabbekoorn near Lieden Netherlands.

Dr. Hans Slabbekoorn has a lab at the Institute Biology Lieden, where he studies the impact of urban noise on songbird songs and communication.

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Wind Turbines Near Leiden, The Netherlands.

Filmmakers Blog. May 20, 2013. Wind Turbines near Leiden Netherlands.

Filming at the end of May in the Netherlands. As we drove across the country, we saw a lot of wind turbines along the side of the highways, which made me hopeful for a less fossil fuel dependent future.

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Songbird SOS Wins Best Feature Doc Pitch At Sunny Side Of The Doc

Songbird SOS has won the pitch competition in the ‘Best International Programming Showcase (BIPS)’ Feature Doc category at the 23rd edition of the Sunny Side of the Doc in La Rochelle, France.

Director Su Rynard pitched Songbird SOS to an enthusiastic crowd of commissioning editors and participants.

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