• Can you imagine a world without birdsong?

  • SongbirdSOS

    A documentary film that explores the rich and varied human connection we share with songbirds.


Songbirds are disappearing.

Why is this happening?  What does it mean?  And what can we do about it?

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Çağan Şekercioğlu wins Award for Conservation Work

Çağan Şekercioğlu, a wildlife biologist and activist concerned with saving the wetlands in his native Turkey, has won his country’s […]

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Songbirds in Decline but Conservation Works!

The State of the Birds report is out.  The report tries to mitigate the drastic news about further declines and more […]

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Bill Evans Unique Songbird Acoustic Monitoring

For nearly 30 years, Bill Evans has had his ear to the sky,  listening to the calls of songbirds as […]

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Are Pesticides Causing Problems for Tree Swallow Songbirds?

The call of the Tree Swallow is a familiar sound to anyone living in the fields and wetlands of rural […]

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